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Is It Possible to Clone a Role AND all of it's members?

I have about 20 people assigned to a specific role in a category and I'd like to clone that role and add it to  a new category. I also want all the members who were assigned the old role to also be assigned this new role.  Possible?



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You can clone a role, but if there's a method to move a role, I am unaware of it. Assuming you created the "master" for the role and granted it to members at community root, where you deploy it is dependent only upon matching the cloned role names to the master.




You can clone any role from Community Admin > Users > Roles. But this will not assign new role to all the members who were assigned the old role.

To assign new role to multiple members of your community you can use "Import user roles from a CSV file"

Using this functionality you can assign one or more roles to a group of users. To import roles go to Community Admin > Users > Import Roles.




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