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Is appending search parameters to URLs clicked after doing a search new?

Was this a recent addition or did I just not notice it before?  When I click a link from a search results page, the subsequent URL includes the search that new or has it always been the case?

Ex: https😕/

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@esullivan  - This is not a new case, Lithium actually appends the search parameters after the URL. These parameters change according to the filter types.

Please let me know if you need any other information.


Payal Uppal

@Payal Appreciate the response.


No, it was not there before. Parameters were getting added on the main search page only but not on the thread page visited via search page.  This was an addition in 19.1 release. 
Reason to add params: Now after upgrading the community to 19.1 and search version 3.2,  you can search the places as well in search results. Parameters are added to differentiate between threads/posts vs places, as per my understanding. I did not find any other specific reason to add these parameters. 

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