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Is it posisble to implement SMS verification on registration?

I would like to know if it is posisble to implment SMS alerts at registration? I want all new registrants to receive a code to a mobile number as an alternative or in addition to email verification. 

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Hey "Welcome",


This isnt possible out the box but i suspect it could be acghieved something similar with Dev  "not too sure about the code though" however i would imagine it would require a fair amount of dev, I take it you have you own SMS platform which would do the messaging if so I am sure you could achieve this using the api's so that the verficiation email and link is also SMS'ed toa user...


I am not developer but plenty of the guys on here are and I am sure one fo them will be able to give a fully reply. 




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Thanks for the reply- yeah i figured not out of the box - but wanted to see if anyone had done something similar.

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