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Is it possible for admins to see ALL scheduled blog posts?

Hello all,

I wanted to know: if another user in our Community schedules a blog post for future, is it possible for all admins to see that scheduled post? Or is it only possible to see your *own* scheduled posts? The way we have our plans setup, we really need to be able to see ALL scheduled blog posts - even those created by other blog-permitted users of the Community. Thanks for any help!

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@nadiajoyce : Did you check this Article.


All Scheduled Blogs will be available in "View all Drafts" widget. Once the user clicks on Edit it will display all the Details of the Blog Post.


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Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Illindra



Hi there! Thanks so much for responding. I have already seen that, and we haven't had any problems getting articles actually put in; the problem is, some of my content writers have input some blog posts (as scheduled posts) on their own accounts, and as an admin, I'm unable to see those scheduled posts (presumably because they weren't made with my own account?). Sounds like I *should* be able to see those posts scheduled by other Community users, so maybe I'm at the point where I need to reach out to our PM to get some help with this. If there's anything else you can think of that might explain why I'm unable to see those drafts, please do let me know! Thanks again, @AbhishekIlindra .

Hi @nadiajoyce,


Sad that even being an 'Admin', the 'View All Drafts' option under the Blog Dashboard only shows your own drafts not others'. Per my knowledge, the only way to see the blogs authored by others which are scheduled for publication is *if you know* the URL that is determined by Lithium. Once you have the URL, you can read/edit the blog.


As per the article that @AbhishekIlindra pointed out, it clearly says "You might want to send the URL for the final draft to someone else so they can reference the article before the article goes live."


Hope this helps!






Hi @srujanayeruvaka Thank you, as well! Both you and @AbhishekIlindra have been very helpful!

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