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Is it possible to get user id's in LSI?

We would like to get the user id (email) of people who e.g voted on an idea in our Community. I can see the username when I look in LSI on the idea but would like the list of user id's to know what organisation they belong to. Is this possible?

Many thanks



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@Reban - This is pretty simple, you can produce a user report with an email address field and then export it to a CSV, then sort the spreadsheet by email. You can find User Reports in the Admin under Metrics as well and it will get you the same results which you're looking from the LSI.


I hope this helps.

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Varun is correct in that it is easy to get a list of user's emails and/or IDs using User Reports....but it is not that simple to get the specific list spit out of email addresses and/or IDs from users that voted on a particular Idea.

The good news is, you can get this info!  The bad news is that there are some gymnastics.  Sadly, getting this list of emails / IDs is a completely manual process.  You can certainly get the usernames and profile links simply by clicking on "who voted" or "who kudoed" the Idea.  Yay!  But then there is no easy way to export a list from that page.  Boo!  

There is the 'Members' tab on the Idea in LSI around who may have participated, but my understanding is that it does not make the distinction of who voted on which particular Idea, and even in the export, I do not think the email address / IDs are revealed (just the username and, oddly, the domain of the email address, but the not the entire email address itself).

Going back to the 'who voted' output that I mentioned earlier, you can type out the names from that page (or pages) and then just go to Advanced Search and do a User Search, type in the names (one at a time), and if you are a Mod or Admin, you will be able to see their email addresses.

Extremely arduous and a less-than-ideal way of getting what you need...but it is possible. 

Personally, I think we here at Khoros could do better on being able to easily produce an email list (for Admins or Mods, of course) of members that voted for a particular Idea.  Where I found a *somewhat* related Idea that you may want to vote on and/or comment on is here:



Thank you. I was afraid this was exactly what I thought. If you have 50+ voting its not ideally to sit and do it manually one by one. 

Thank for your honest but not what I wanted to read reply 🙂

I have voted for the idea now. 



@Reban @JakeR  there is an easier way to get the email addresses


  1. Go to Admin > Metrics > User Reports and get a .csv file of all community users
  2. Open the file in Excel and delete all but the first two columns (A & B - User IDs and email addresses)
  3. Go to LSI and get a .csv file of the users in your idea exchange
  4. Copy those user IDs and put them in column C of the other Excel sheet
  5. Put this formula in column :   =LOOKUP(C4, $A$4:$A$212400, $B$4:$B$212400) which will spit out the email addresses of the idea exchange users
    1. The forumula assumes you are starting in row 4 and that the end of your community user list is on row 212400.  Change those to match your spreadsheet. 
    2. Fairly common knowledge, but ctrl shift down arrow copies your formula all the way down your list in case you didn't know. 
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Thanks, l will try this out


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