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Is it possible to have group hubs with different landing pages?


I have noticed that, for group hubs, there is no ability to set the page layout for the Group Hub Page. 

When I go to a Group Hub's Content > Custom Pages page in the admin console, there is no selector available for Group Hub Page, as shown in the screenshot below:


I know I can update the Group Hub Page itself in studio, but what if I want some of my group hubs to have one layout and some of them to have a different layout?

Does anyone know how to do this?

(Note: I checked if updating the Category Page layout would make a difference, since Group Hub home pages were based on Categories... but, alas, changing that doesn't make a difference)


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@CarolineS Looks like a missing feature as of now. Maybe have a quick check with Support on this.

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Thanks for the confirmation, @VarunGrazitti. I’ll check with support!

@CarolineS Did you create a new quilt (GroupHubPage.NewNameHere)? Usually once you create it is when the option will show up.

And when that fails - Support has to manually add it in (Usually only have had that happen with rarely used quilts though like quilt.tkbarticleeditorpage)

Ah neat, I didn’t try to create another quilt. Makes sense that that is what would activate the drop down. Will try!

Khoros Staff

Yes, this is possible. You have to create a custom group hub page first for the option to reveal itself

In Studio Create > Page

Name it in a format like

It should then reveal the option in the Custom Pages section as a choice.

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 9.44.23 AM.png

Aha, @StanGromer  beat me to it!

@AmyS Thank you! You are the all-knowing Group Hub Master!

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