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Is it possible to use overview page as a hub page for several productcategories?


my first post and question.

We have many categories in our community and want to have a common page for our customer to make it possible for them to see our whole portfolio of products. We are using a closed community so its only our licensed customers who will have access to this page. Sometimes we also want to promote an event for several cusotmers (not all).


On this page we dont want to se ideas or discussions. Only news and features


Is this possible? 


Looking forward to hear from you rgd a solution Smiley Wink

Anna Rebermark

Visma Enterprise AB

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@Reban - 


I assume your community has a different board(blog) for news and features. 


1. Create a category and set permission, so only licensed customers can access it. 

2.  Create a custom component and using REST API's you can only fetch the messages for news and features board. 



Select * from messages where in('<news-id>','<>')

or if you want to fetch only blogs 




Select * from messages where = 'blog'


3.  Add this custom component to the category page which you have created. 

4.  For the promoting an event, lithium does provide a way to feature a blog,tkb etc which you can find on thread options.   and you can fetch featured thread using API. 

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Here on the Lithium Community we had a slightly different challenge asking for a very similar solution: we have product related content (discussions, blog, ideas, documentation, developer docs) spread over a structure organised by interaction style. We decided to create product hub pages which summarise links and latest content from the various areas that deal with a certain product. Here's the one for "Online Communities":


We started using Lithium built message and list widgets. These only show content within scope of the current community position. That's why we created custom components that allow listing blog articles and messages from any node id that's passed via component parameters. 


In your scenario you could take the same approach to create landing or hubba gesture that act as summaries for latest blogs and discussions. Ideally you should think about highlighting community members from these areas as well. These could be most Kudoed, most solution provided or even SMEs for that product. 

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