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Is it possible to view total registered members by date range?

What is the best way to see a breakdown of total members by year based on a date range or period of time? I discovered in this post on how to return total number of members. However, I want to see this figure annually going back a few years when we first migrated to Khoros. 

Thank you in advance. 

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No easy way unfortunately @tiffani.

The only way I can think of doing it would be to grab a spreadsheet and record monthly registration figures via Advanced Metrics in the Admin.  

I recommend you keep a running total of members as part of your record keeping...




Thank you so much for the prompt reply, @JasonHill. I have a handy spreadsheet but my view is limited as our first year on Khoros has since been archived and is no longer available in the analytics tool. The Metrics section within the Admin tool is still a good resource to extract new registered members for a specific date range but I don't have a starting point of how many members we had when we moved from Jive. I will keep digging. 

I don't believe there is any limit to how far back you can go using Advanced Metrics in the Admin @tiffani. The problem is that you can only search for data in short time ranges - no more than a month I think... 




You can also do it by using below API, this will give the results for specific time range using date_start and date_end parameter.



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Hey everyone!  Stay tuned to the 20.8 release notes coming out this week!

"With the 20.8 release, the Bulk Members report will include Registration Start Date, Registration Completion Date, and Registration Status columns."


This was quite helpful, @Parshant


Thanks to everyone for the help. I appreciate it. 

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