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Is local content prioritised when using the global search on a local page?


I am curious to how the articles are prioritised in the search results. 

When you search in the search bar, will content from the page you are on be 1st priority in the results?  And what is the next criterias? 

Is this something we can customise? 

Any good articles on how this works? 



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@JulieU - While using the global search on a local page it will always find the best match even if the less matching article is available on the local page or board.  There are currently no settings available which can be updated to set result priority. You can only rely on search bar drop down where you can select below options.

1. This Board - To search only under the current board

2. This Thread - To search under the only current board

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Not sure if this is helpful but I think if you want, you could go for some customizations to improve the search experience. Not quite sure if this is relevant for you but I usually go out and look at many other communities to see how "they've done it" and I really like how GiffGaff customized search and made it possible for users to easily search between different areas within the community beit global or on that specific board.



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I am not sure if the new 'Promoted Search' feature that we rolled out is the type of thing that you are looking for, but if you do not already know about it, this new enhancement to how you can customize / empower Search Results might spark some ideas for you:

Hope this helps!


I really like the promoted search feature. It's simple and effective. You can easily set it up through admin and set keywords and add the urls of the topic you want to see floated to the top of results when users search for the keywords specified.


Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

Thanks guys, 

some good input here

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