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Is the last delivered product idea from 2017 or am I missing something?

I clicked on the Delivered status and sorted by New, and it seems to be in reverse chronological order:

It looks like the last implemented idea is from March 2017:

Are there more recently implemented suggestions?  Seems like a long time for none of them to be delivered on.

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Ha, great find! I do know that WILL be launched soon, per the recent roadmap webinar.  And perhaps some other ideas have been implemented too, but the status just hasn’t been updated? Hope so... 😛

I had the same feeling yesterday when checking on some Me Too Product ideas logged (we recently launched Me Too and found many areas for improvements, most already logged years ago)


I am not quite sure if Lithium should continue Ideation if they do not plan to actively invest and follow up on product idea, specifically to communities perhaps?

There are best practices for Ideation here  Smiley Very Happy, maybe we should draw some attention to that. 

I got the feeling most of the attention and focus is on SMM and CRM integrations and less on Communities in the past year but that's just my observation.


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