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Is there a limit on the number of Private Messages a user can send per day?

Today one of our super users told me they can only send 10 private messages a day. He said after sending 10, he gets an alert.

Other than spam/flood controls, I hadn't heard of such a setting. I looked around Community Admin and didn't see one. 

Is this true? Users can only send 10 Private Messages a day? How can we change this setting? 


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I would expect that limit is part of your flood controls @dave-coleman, which unfortunately cannot be changed in the admin. You need to contact support to adjust. 

Does your community have a use case for so many private messages? I'm not a big fan of encouraging private messaging as the rest of the community doesn't benefit from what is being shared, and spammers can use it because it unseen by moderators. 




Thanks for confirming what I suspect, that it's a part of our flood control. 

I was surprised when he told me he was hitting a daily limit! 😲 I'm curious who he is talking to. 🤔 I'm not concerned, because he is our #1 user answering the bulk of questions asked on our forums. It's probably more socializing than anything else.  

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