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Is there a way for a user to search images within their profile?

We have received feedback from our superusers that it would be very useful for them to be able to search images within their profile. I see that you can add tags to an image, but is there a way to search for image tags?

The only workaround we can think of is to categorize their images by albums, but this still gets challenging as many have thousands of images saved. 

I wasn't sure if I was just completely missing it!


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Same request here from our superuser. We have superusers already having an album  collection of 200-300 images and they don't want to  add always a similar images although it is already in.
We have established a naming convention for images/captions, a  3-4 word acronym. So it would be easy if we can search for these words in an album overview.

Thx for doing some investigations on this.

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