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Is there a way to copy the entire content from live site to staging?



I just wanted to know, Is there a way to copy the the entire content(forums, discussions, blog) from live site to staging?

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@madhukar1100 -  No, this is not possible. We once raised a similar request and got a following reply from support:


Unfortunately we can't copy any real user data over to stage due to security reasons and because the stage servers aren't equipped to handle this.
We are able to do a complete replace of all board structure and administrative settings.
If you just need more data on stage, we can populate "dummy" data (users, topics, posts etc.), but we can't configure what their records will contain. Please, note that if you choose this way - the content on stage will be overwritten by the content on production.



 I hope this helps.

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@madhukar1100 why would you want to do this?

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Hate to contradict @VarunGrazitti but we have had the team recently do this for us so we could test API performance and help diagnose an issue. Typically there's a lot more content on the production site compared to stage, so it can be useful. Email addresses were all replaced with dummy text in the process so no users got notifications. But it might depend on the age/size of your community whether its possible - we're still in pre-launch phase so there wasn't a huge amount of content to copy across. I can understand there might be limitations to what Stage can handle. 




I completely agree with you @JasonHill, as you mentioned your community is relatively new and has a very little amount of content compared to ours, which is a 3 year old community, so you can imagine the amount of data we have. Moreover, your community is currently gated, so you have a limited number of users as well, we have about 30K registered users, so yes, it actually depends on the age/ size of the community as well.

Moreover, stage servers won't be able to handle the amount of data a fully flegded production community has.

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