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Is there a way to enable a community-wide default cover photo?


Just moved our instance to Hermes, and with the more visual design I have 100s of blog entries with that default 'gray box' in the tile display page. 

Rather than manually edit each and every blog entry I'd prefer to just set a stock cover image in admin that could roll out to all existing blogs that don't have an image.  But I can't really seem to find the right option. 

Any input you can share would be really helpful!

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Nothing out of box that I am aware of. We use custom message feeds to display our content similar to how Hermes does, but we built in the fallbacks you are talking about (ie; If no cover photo exists, grab one of 10 random photos and display that in its place). Khoros keeps forgetting to account for these everyday common pitfalls every community has unfortunately. 

Khoros Expert

Hi @tylerebay, to me, and especially with Hermes and a new way to set this up, that should work perfectly. Banners are inherited from the level above if nothing is set at the current level.

Did you try this setting ? This example is at blog level. The hero background would then be used for every single article. 

If you select one at any category level, it will be applied for everything under this category (unless you select another one for any particular node)

And if you don't pick a specific one anywhere, it would use the one set at Community Level for everything automatically.

Hermes has been designed to make that quick & easy.

Screenshot 2022-07-29 at 10.08.34.png

cc @StanGromer @Sarah69 

Arnaud Lerondeau
Principal Solutions Consultant

Thanks for the input @ArnaudL!

Our Hero Background is set to update our Header image, which we set differently depending on what part of the community an end user is in (to make sure it is visually different). 

It does not override the Blog 'cover photo' default if no photo is included at the content level. 

I asked our TAM and was told it would have to be a Professional Services referral, so I've kind of resigned myself to manually updating all our old blogs. 

It's a good reason to review and retire outdated content I suppose! 

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