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Is there a way to know what date a user earned a new rank?

I'm looking for data on when users that rank up (from a New Member to level 1; level 1 to level 2; level 2 to level 3; etc) each week. Is there a way to know what date a user earned a new rank? 


Thanks in advance!


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Khoros Oracle

You can receive notification of rank changes by user....

However, depending on the size of your community, these kind of alerts could get quite noisy.  Furthermore, the organization or 'filing' of dates is on you with marking down when the notification arrived, etc.  The notification will happen almost immediately after the rank is achieved.  

Assuming you are the Community Manager and that you have a Moderator (or three!) that assist you, I would like to suggest that it is the Moderator role that receives these notifications, and that they can then, in turn, collate the data into their weekly reports.

Again, realistically, I hope your community is not too big, as this could get pretty noisy for the person receiving the notifications. 


Hi Emily,

You may be interested in voting on the product idea here: User History Log for Roles, Ranks, Bans, etc.

A holistic view of a user would be great to have!



Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Thanks @lilim! Definitely agree. I just Kudoed it - is there anything else that I need to do to "vote" for this idea?

Thanks, Emily! Just the kudo is enough! 👍

You're also welcome to add your use case to the comments.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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