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Is there a way to turn off comments on older posts?

I can see turning off one-by-one. Is there a way to do it after some time? We are seeing some spammers using comments as a way to add links in the older topics. In addition, commenting on older posts for genuine questions may not get due attention. 

Any guidance in this regard is greatly appreciated.




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This is a common problem and one of the weakness of the platform. There is nothing built-in that can help you. You would need to archive the posts manually, turn off comments on each post manually, or build some sort of tool that can assist you.  


I would encourage you to add your vote and comments to this enhancement request -


You might be interested in the tool that @Wendy_S has developed. See and


 I used to manage a support-based community, and we implemented a custom solution that automatically closed all threads six months after they were created by simply removing the reply option on the thread. A message was also placed on the top of the thread: "This thread is now archived and closed to new comments. If you have a question please post a new topic."


I think it was a good solution and would like something similar to be part of the platform. You don't lose any SEO value and you are alerting community members that the information contained in the thread may be out of date. 


Hope that helps.





My company recently redesigned our community and we had a something built like @JasonHill describes that just removes the option to reply.

Example of old post;

I've not yet had experience with the Boards used in this community (see my signature's details), but perhaps this consideration can be of value to some of you;


On our Board, closed threads have allowed existing contributors to still come back and edit. I've found this particularly useful with older tech info that needs updating, as googling continues to lead too many to older threads.



Senior member (15,000+ posts) of a South African forum for a large satellite TV services platform - coming to this community soon

Thanks all for responding to my query. We will implement something similar.

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