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Is there an available HTML guide?

We just transferred our community from one that seems to have more HTML support with the TinyMCE editor, and I'm trying to reformat our existing articles on this new platform. What I'm hitting, is a lot of invalid HTML errors, even on simple things such as aligning h4 tags with the editor (which I'm unsure why the editor allows me to do it if it's invalid).


Is there some sort of HTML guide? I'm not doing anything crazy with my articles, just simple tables, heading tags, alignment, etc. and every time I save my articles I get some sort of error. It seems like this new platform isn't as robust as my old one, but I need to format my articles to look better so need to understand the parameters I'm working in.



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If you previously were using TinyMCE elsewhere, you are in luck as Support can usually edit the config file to do whatever you need it to do, though sometimes it can also be a bit wild to accomplish.

I would start with just jumping into a ticket w/ all the problems you are facing, and see how many they can quickly solve off the top of their heads, you may need to just be super clear with what you want, and you may need to escalate the ticket if nobody responses for a few weeks as it's going to end up being one of the more veteran guys on the support team who digs into it probably.

Obvious (potentially stupid) question coming up, but just thought I better confirm that you have the permission to use full HTML in posts @ansnyder?

Typically normal users will only be able to use simple HTML, but I would assume you have an admin account so should have the full HTML permission. Best to check, though!




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