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Is there an integration for On24 and Lithium?


I am wanting to learn a bit more about the integration between Lithium communities and On24. I found this demo video but I haven't found much documentation on the Lithosphere. Can anyone provide insight? I would love to learn more about how we can utilize On24 with our community.  

Ashley Bragg
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@AshleyBragg - Could you please elaborate how exactly do you want to integrate the community and On24? We have done one such integration with On24 where we host the webinars on On24 and stream on Lithium community, then the users can watch and comment, interact on the Lithium community rather than On24. Similarly, we have done this with YouTube + Lithium as well.



Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

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Hi @VarunGrazitti,

Thank you for replying! That is exactly the kind of integration I am looking to learn more about.

We currently host our webinars with On24. We are a new Lithium community and are still deciding how to incorporate online events. 

I would love to know what has worked for you. Have you seen an increase in webinar attendance with broadcasting them to community? Have you used it to drive registrations as well? 

Do these features cost extra money to implement? 

Is there any "how to" documentation or more information out there? I would love a run down of what is available so we can tailor it to our community's needs.   

Ashley Bragg

@AshleyBragg - Just sent you a PM regarding this. 

Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

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This is a great discussion! We are currently evaluating webinar platforms and On24 is on our list.  @VarunGrazitti if you have info to share, please do! Thanks!

it seems this conversation went off line but I would like to learn more about this integration with On24, can you provide details on what was shared/ learned? @AshleyBragg 

thank you,

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