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Is there any way to log which posts were featured?

Is there any way to know, without manually tracking, which of your community's posts were featured on the homepage?

Asking as:

1) it would be nice to automatically (or once a month) recognize users who create good content that gets featured, with a badge

2) it would help to better understand metrics in our community; if a post is featured, it is more popular a la page views, comments, kudos, etc.


Thanks in advance!

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If you don't "unfeature" posts, then you can just go to the Content section of the Admin, then Featured Threads, and see a list. You can't export it but could easily cut and paste into a spreadsheet and then add metrics. I agree that this could be a lot easier though - perhaps you might like to add an enhancement request to the Idea Exchange for featured posts to be included in the Content reporting section of LSI?


Regarding badges, we currently offer badges for community members that get featured on the homepage of Workshop. Unfortunately this is a small manual process though - we just have a role tied to the badge. If a member gets featured on the homepage, we assign the role to the member and then they are awarded the badge.




Thanks, @JasonHill for the workaround! You've got a great set of knowledge!


We could create a role + related badges to support what we'd like to accomplish, though trying to limit the manual work, too as we switch out the content on our homepage and at the board level fairly regularly (boards to be less of a problem, soon!).


I've submitted an idea and welcome your feedback:




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