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Is there anyway to highlight the error when making a new post?

When a user makes a new post, sometimes, for example, they forget the label and get an error because it's obligatory to post with a label. On top of the error, it just shows "Correct the highlighted" but the highlight is just a phrase under the label box and it can be hard to perceive. 

Do you know a way to either tell the error in the red bar, so it says where to correct it. Or to to make it more obvious where it is to correct?

See below:



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Unfotunatly, there is no way to achieve this. 

I also agree that sometime it is hard to find and navigate to the error area. But to stand it out, you can apply a CSS and it would look like below
Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 10.55.24 PM.png



.lia-form-error-text {
   font-size: 23px;
   font-weight: bold;



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Another option is to use the setting in Admin to aggregate form errors into the bar at the top. 

From this tab in Admin you can choose the Aggregate errors for all forms:


Discussion Style/ Posts & TopicsDiscussion Style/ Posts & Topics

So when I tried to post a discussion topic with blank fields the message at the top tells me which fields need to be corrected:

Discussion Post Error message with form errorsDiscussion Post Error message with form errors


Senior Community Manager | Strava

@adriana4u After introducing mandatory labels to the community, soon we switched to non-mandatory. I hate the poor user experience of the error message, particularly for a new user who might just give up and leave. It's not difficult for us to go back and edit the post and add a label - better that than losing members or their posts. Maybe do a test for a week and see what happens. 




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