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Issue with: Article publication requests in knowledge bases I subscribe to

Hi all -

I'm subscribed to all Knowledge Based articles within our Community. However, when a member wants to contribute to the Knowledge Base and selects 'Request Review' after creating an article, I do not receive any email notification about this.

This has been ongoing for quite some time and it hinders the member experience.

Is there a functionality in Community Admin that I need to turn on? I've made sure that the proper settings in my profile is set correctly (see screenshot for more context)

Any help is super appreciated!

- Jeremiah

J-Net Community Manager
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Did you check this settings in your profile as well.


If this is already turn on in your settings area, then you need to log ticket to on this issue.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

@jmuzzana  I believe you had logged an issue with Lithium Support on this, right?

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That's correct! We are also experiencing this issue. I logged a support ticket with Lithium and they confirmed that it is a bug. I have requested updates, but have not received a resolution date.

Hi @jmuzzana -

Cool! Is there an option to tag me in that support ticket? I'd like to keep my eyes peeled for a resolution date as well.

- Jeremiah

J-Net Community Manager

Hi @Parshant -

Hmm thought I replied to you earlier this week. Apologies for the delay, but yes, I have those settings turned on.


- Jeremiah

J-Net Community Manager

Hi @jhaze,

I couldn't figure out how to add you to a support ticket. However, I just requested an update on my ticket.

Lithium responded with: "One thing that did come up in the ticket is that the user must be subscribed to an article and TKB to get the notification; also the user needs to have "ignore posts I've already read" disabled in the user settings. "

I was already subscribed to each of Knowledge Bases. However, I just disabled "ignore posts I've already read" and did some tests, and now I seem to be getting the email notifications! I'm not sure how that setting would affect a new article considering I would not have read it before, but at any rate, it is working now 🙂

Hi @jmuzzana !

You are awesome! Thanks for looping me in on what the Lithium team responded with.

After disabling/checking off "ignore posts I've already read", I tested this functionality out by creating a Test article, and it worked like a charm.

Now, I'm going to see if I receive this email notif. if I sign in to my personal/guest profile *fingers crossed*

- Jeremiah


J-Net Community Manager

Hi @jmuzzana ,

Wanting to get a status update with you on this. Has everything continued to work fine? Are you continuing to receive email notifications?

Talk soon!

J-Net Community Manager

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