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Issue with "Block new comments" option in Blogs

We are seeing an issue with "Block new comments" option in one of the Blog board in our community.

By default all new/existing blog articles option is changed to “Allow new comments" and if we try to modify the option to “Block New comments" then after page refresh it is again modifying to “Allow new comments" option only.

Anyone have idea about this ?

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Have you got any response on this one from Khoros?  

I am just now seeing this issue for us and it is causing a large problem.  I need to post something in Announcements that is dealing with a recent issue for a competitor but CANNOT do this unless we can block comments. We have a place for discussion but you know if you can't block, people will just post questions on the announcements.

We don't want our CISO to have to monitor two posts while he is dealing with many industry fires.  And answering for him is NOT an option.  These statements must come from his team. 

This is frustrating. 


We sometimes use this feature and use the Post Options menu in the blog post directly to block new comments which locks it to users who don't have permissions to override it.

This seems to work for us, you can see the little blue locked icon on this example and when logged in as admin I can toggle this on/off with the Allow New Comments/Block New Comments in the Post Options menu:


As an admin I can still post comments but when I am logged in as a regular user and viewing a locked blog then I don't see the option to comment. 

Wondering what you're using to control this setting as there look to be several other and I wasn't sure from your post above. 

Default user permissions which can be customized at a specific node/board level:


Admin/Discussion Styles/Blogs which looks configurable at node level to Turn on comments:


Senior Community Manager | Strava


Thanks for the thorough response.  It turns out that this lagged behind in actually locking the post from new comments.  Now I can see the locked post.

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