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Items in Notification Feeds - after post is moved

I am seeing an unusual behavior in Notification Feeds after a post has been moved from one board to another. 

Here is my example. 

A Community member [blanked out for privacy] posted a new question in the wrong board. Here is how that appeared in my notification feed:

I then used the move post feature and moved the post to the right board. Here is how the notification feed was updated:

This seems like an illogical message as I didn't post a new topic, I moved a topic from the original board to a new board.

Should this message read "....moved a topic to [X location]...."

How is this message controlled or is this a bug? Are others seeing similar issues?


Senior Community Manager | Strava
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hi @elbranscomb,

There are indeed some weird behaviors in various feeds, including the general activity feed on our home page.

For example, if I comment on a reply to a question and by doing this, create a nested thread, what I will see in the activity feed, for example on the category level, will be that user name of the person who posted a reply that I commented on. The name of that user will be displayed as the "last reply".

But... if you go to the Admin Panel -> Mod Tools, you see all the actions correctly. I have no idea why the UI doesn't reflect what is in the logs.


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