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JS function in the Login service file

Has anyone had experience adding a JS function in the Login service file (server-side)?

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Hi @jamiemccardle

JavaScript server side? this would be nodejs - and the legacy community does not run under nodejs. It would be good if you could provide a bit more details about what you want to do!? 


We're reviewing Gainsight as an option for a guided tour/announcements.  In order to identify the the user's roles, when they log in, etc, they was to put JS function on the log service file.

Thank you for the information. I have asked the concerned team regarding this and awaiting a response.

Hi, so you want to use a JS function on YOUR side to check roles, etc? 
If that is the case, the type of technology you use, be it JavaScript, Java, or C#, is not related to us. We would kindly suggest that you use our APIs for this purpose.

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