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Jira and Lithium notifications

Does anyone use Jira for support within their community?


We have a community feedback board (for issues within the community itself, not product issues) which sends email notifications to a distribution list which spawns tickets in Jira. However, we currently only have the initial post creating a ticket. If we enable email notifications for replies, a new ticket is created for each reply instead of the reply being added as a comment to the original ticket.

I've had several internal teams look at this and no one can figure out why this is happening. We have other platforms which have similar workflows which work as expected. All replies, even with the Re: added to the subject line, are added as comments to the original ticket. We're only running into this issue with Lithium.


Any insight is much appreciated!


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Hi Lili-


We're not currently using Lithium integrated with Jira yet but there are pockets within our org that use Jira and I'd like to learn more about how you're using it (and if this behavior gets resolved). I have a few ideas about how we could integrate this from a Ideas -> Jira for product feature requests/functionality tracking by some internal teams.



- Jeff

Hi Jeff,


For the community, we don't have any backend configurations for Jira. We just rely on the email notifications to spawn new tickets. We can then assign to the appropriate team / person to follow up on. We only do this for community support type tasks -- admin tasks, design feedback, platform bugs. The email notifications come from certain boards, from the abuse/moderator notifications, and then if a content filter is triggered.


I like the idea of having tickets spawn from the idea exchange! It would certainly help with accountability.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Has anyone taken this any further?


We want to integrate managing all of the ideas in the Ideas exchange into JIRAS which is the language that our development team speaks.



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