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KB article visibility control

Hey guys- curious to know if we are able to control who is able to view a KB article. Are we able to set up our TKB so that I can have an option to choose if the article is visible to customers, partners, employees, or public? For example, let's say I have an article that is for employees only on our community. We later review and find the content is viable for our partner audience. I could go into the article and choose "partner" to then make it open for our partner audience to view. 

Appreciate the help!

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Hi @akloepfer!

You can create an area that only allows employees to access it, and you can open it up for other roles such as "Partner". This works well at a board level, but not at the individual article level. 


@MohammedF thanks! That's what i came to the conclusion on. I appreciate the input. 

Happy to help, @akloepfer!

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