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Khoros Care: Total In App Time vs. Logged in Time

Hi Community,

So I am setting up a shared dashboard in Care, and I need to add the Total in App Time as well as the Logged in Time for each of our Agents.

Based on my research, my understanding is that Logged in Time shows the time duration (regardless of whether the agent is In Focus or Out of Focus) an agent is logged into Khoros Care.  So it seems logical to me that out of all the Agent Handle/Utilization Metrics - the Logged in Time should be the biggest.

However, in my dashboard, I have agents that have larger Total In App Time then Logged in Time

For example, one agent has Total In App Time of 13 days, while the Logged in Time is 11 days.

Can anyone share any insight on what I am missing here???






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The only thing I can think of is if your agents use more than one tab and that resulting in double counting of In-App time.

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