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Khoros Community Tips for Users

Hi All,

We are implementing a feature in our community entitled "Community Tip Tuesday" where every Tuesday we post a tip on a community functionality or feature that users may or may not be aware of within the Khoros/Lithium Platform.

I am reaching out to see if anyone has a user tip guide for community members  ie: Help Docs for using the community, Tips and Tricks, faq guide etc...



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I'm also interested about how can one share knowledge about the platform features? Our team is too small to spend extra resources on documenting how to use Khoros, as we have our own products to do the job... Does anyone have any best practice here?

Hi @nbalogh


Thank you for your interest, you can share the below links for best practices about the platform.


The Khoros Blog 


Khoros Resources


Also, if your employees have access to Atlas then you can also refer to Khoros Communities features to understand how all these features work together to create a cohesive digital customer experience.

Thanks for the response. We do NOT wish to send our community members to Khoros as they have no idea what that means and we also do not want to deter them away by making them figure out on their own.

In my original post, I shared we are looking to create a tip series that we can showcase how different capabilities work within the platform.

For example some we have created include:

  • How Do I Add a Photo/Image to My Post
  • Adjusting the Auto-Subscribe Setting
  • Utilizing Preview Mode Within a Response
    How to access Printer Friendly Version of a Thread

Hi Brittany, hope your Friday's going well!

We have a sequential how-to series that we send out via e-mail to new Atlas users.

In addition, we have a couple of examples here in our community that might serve as inspiration / ideas for your tip series:

Feel free to pull and repurpose the info / ideas you see in either of these.

Also, I'm not sure if it helps, but when creating those "quick tips" articles, you could also include a footer link that goes back to either 1) an umbrella article that gives users more info on the topic, or 2) a link to the entire help category.

Also also, we have some active users on the Community Strategy board who love to dive into "how have others done this?" questions like this! 🙂

Hope this helps.


Hi @brittanycarmona,

We have an FAQ (reusing some of the Khoros ready-to-go content) and a Community User Guide (created by ourselves).

I like your idea of Community tips 🙂 Good luck!



I might have issues with using these sites, but I can't see how any of the above could help our customers to understand our new platform's feature. As an example, we've got a question about macros and their usage. We are new to Khoros, so I have no better overview on it than my own customer. I could send the link from your Community, but then they can't access it, and our company can't request to allow access for each and every user to read an article about a feature of yours.

Is it really only doable via own articles about each feature?

Thank you for sharing! 

We removed macros from the user profile - Khoros Support can switch this tab off 😉


Macro is one example. There are many more options that we are barely aware and there is no proper documentation available for end users, not for Khoros customers. We are a software company with own products and in my opinion we should spend time on documenting these products rather than build a parallel Khoros knowledgebase on our Community. 

Thanks for sharing! Yes, on each of our tips we have a link at the bottom  "Interested in more tips like this?  Discover More Here." And a specific label "Community Tips" 


Thanks so much for sharing! We appreciate it!



Hi Brittany, 

You're on the right track here in wanting to differentiate your product's tips and the Khoros could utilize labels or tags (Khoros functionality) to distinguish the 2 types of tips. I suggest trying to make it as clear as possible...maybe you don't even call the second group "Khoros Tips" so as not to confuse your could be "Community Tips." 

There's also the text in the Help section (click your avatar > Help). This is sometimes also referred to as Khoros' FAQ section. I've had clients copy and paste the text from this area into their own blog or how-to series, and you could do the same. Also, that FAQ section can be managed/edited.

Hope this helps! ~Jenny

Jenny Weigle
Chief Community Officer & Strategic Consultant
Jenny.Community, LLC

Thanks for sharing your insights, Jenny! 

Hi @brittanycarmona -

When we first went live, I had produced 4 documents to assist our customers/users.

2022-02-01 09_16_28-Pharmacy - RedSail Community.png

Moving forward, as I learn and take my own admin notes, I develop customer-facing info in parallel.
My most recent -- which is still not complete -- is getting ready to deploy Group Hubs. As I was developing the internal training for the Owners, I realized I should develop something on customizing signatures. I have the process in an internal doc for our employees, so it's just a matter of cleaning it up for customer-facing. I also realized I had referenced our company logo image, which I had previously loaded, so a second topic on image loading and managing would also be helpful.
Now I have 2 new, general topics that will have double-use, as it will be part of the Group Hub Owner training.
During this process, I also found a bug in how we set up our ranking (despite very little change from OOB and working with Khoros pro-services). As that is resolved, I believe there is a 3rd topic, which is more details on how ranking works.
Finally, we still have the OOB Help, but it really needs some updating. There is some very good content in here, but some is out-of-date and other doesn't match.
2022-02-01 09_41_20-Help - RedSail Community.png


Chris Todd
Program Manager
RedSail Technologies

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