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Khoros Community Tips for Users

Hi All,

We are implementing a feature in our community entitled "Community Tip Tuesday" where every Tuesday we post a tip on a community functionality or feature that users may or may not be aware of within the Khoros/Lithium Platform.

I am reaching out to see if anyone has a user tip guide for community members  ie: Help Docs for using the community, Tips and Tricks, faq guide etc...



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Thanks for sharing! Yes, on each of our tips we have a link at the bottom  "Interested in more tips like this?  Discover More Here." And a specific label "Community Tips" 


Thanks so much for sharing! We appreciate it!



Hi Brittany, 

You're on the right track here in wanting to differentiate your product's tips and the Khoros could utilize labels or tags (Khoros functionality) to distinguish the 2 types of tips. I suggest trying to make it as clear as possible...maybe you don't even call the second group "Khoros Tips" so as not to confuse your could be "Community Tips." 

There's also the text in the Help section (click your avatar > Help). This is sometimes also referred to as Khoros' FAQ section. I've had clients copy and paste the text from this area into their own blog or how-to series, and you could do the same. Also, that FAQ section can be managed/edited.

Hope this helps! ~Jenny

Jenny Weigle
Chief Community Officer & Strategic Consultant
Jenny.Community, LLC

Thanks for sharing your insights, Jenny! 

Hi @brittanycarmona -

When we first went live, I had produced 4 documents to assist our customers/users.

2022-02-01 09_16_28-Pharmacy - RedSail Community.png

Moving forward, as I learn and take my own admin notes, I develop customer-facing info in parallel.
My most recent -- which is still not complete -- is getting ready to deploy Group Hubs. As I was developing the internal training for the Owners, I realized I should develop something on customizing signatures. I have the process in an internal doc for our employees, so it's just a matter of cleaning it up for customer-facing. I also realized I had referenced our company logo image, which I had previously loaded, so a second topic on image loading and managing would also be helpful.
Now I have 2 new, general topics that will have double-use, as it will be part of the Group Hub Owner training.
During this process, I also found a bug in how we set up our ranking (despite very little change from OOB and working with Khoros pro-services). As that is resolved, I believe there is a 3rd topic, which is more details on how ranking works.
Finally, we still have the OOB Help, but it really needs some updating. There is some very good content in here, but some is out-of-date and other doesn't match.
2022-02-01 09_41_20-Help - RedSail Community.png


Chris Todd
Program Manager
RedSail Technologies

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