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Khoros Reports


I'm very new to Khoros and has been tasked to draw reports from Khoros for analytical reasons.

Is it possible to customise the "Raw Combined Export"  data to only have a daily summerised view of activities? Currently I'm only able to draw a detailed activity report for our social media department.

The idea behind my request is use the daily summary to run weekly/monthly analytics focusing how many post entered the department daily. How many was responded to and how long it took to from start to finish from the date the post was received. The detailed report can then still be used for investigational reasons, when needed.

Thank you.

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Exporting everything via CSV is the best / only real way to get close to what you are looking for (I think anyways based on your description). The only other option would be to utilize the bulk API to build out a custom reporting solution.

See this link for more info on how to enable it / use it:

Thank you Stan. I will have a look into your suggestion to see how it will resolve my issue.

I'll keep you posted on the outcome.



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