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Khorus Forum, 3K/4K monitor support?

My guess is that the Khorus Forum is "built" for FullHD 1920x1080 60Hz monitors. Most of the monitors we (Dell) are selling now are at much higher resolutions. For example, I use the Dell U3415W monitor running at 3440x1440 60Hz. The attachment is what the DCF (Dell Community Forum) Monitors board looks like showing the large grey wasted space.



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Yep, in desktop lots of wasted space and in mobile, I dont say wasted but not so effectively used space.


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Agreed. We have also had members comments on the wasted space left and right of our site. They also tend to use bigger desktop monitors. There should be 2 desktop breakpoints on the layout in my opinion: desktop standard and desktop wide. Like we do for tablet and mobile this would be really helpful. 

Our development team is currently working on a potential 100% desktop rule which should widen our site to fit on larger monitors. I am not quite sure what will happen but if we have success happy to share the outcomes. 

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