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LSI API call for Certain Metrics

Hi Lithium Community, 

Have a quick question regarding using LSI API. Within my LSI backend I have some page metrics as below: 

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 4.31.09 PM.pngI would like to retrieve say the Page views, Visits, Unique visitors for each community section.


What would be the API call to retrieve the 50,478 for page views, 24,707 for visits and so on. I can't seem to find any documentation on this. Would appreciate the help here!! I'm trying to create a reporting dashboard to pull the numbers automatically from here. 

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Hi @maxwelldhsu,

We leverage the Bulk data API to pull metrics for our reporting purposes. You can refer to the documentation here to see if this serves your purpose.



 Hi @srujanayeruvaka

Thanks for the response. I did look at the API doc. 

However, I wasn't able to find the specific calls I was looking for. For example in my question above, I asked, what would be the API call to retrieve the 50,478. Within the API doc, I don't see any call that pulls the page view numbers, in the 4th row of the Export Reference chart,  we see "action.key" can you tell me what I'd use to pull the page views? "page.view"?, "view"? this says its a request for a human page view. The documentation isn't clear on what call I'd need to use. 

Hi @maxwelldhsu - The bulk data API when triggered gives you a .csv file that contains records of all activity (refer to the different action keys in the documentation) that happened in the Community.

For example, if you run the bulk data API for Jul 5th on Jul 6th after 10 AM UTC, a .csv file is generated with all community activity that happened on Jul 5th.

You need to have the necessary infrastructure (Ex: Database) on your end to save these details, and then you can build your reporting dashboard from this database per your needs. You can generate and save data from the start of your community using the bulk data API.

Hope this helps!



Hi @srujanayeruvaka


In bulk data API how soon data available ? do we have any delay ?  we can except data ASAP right ? 




I am also encountering this issue. Dont know why its hapenning.


My Coverage Info


@Joann859 , 


it’s available by 10am UTC daily for the previous day .

click below link it may be help you

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