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LSI Searches with/without result includes saved searches/RSS feed? - Looking for feedback

Hi All.


LSI search, still in Beta 😞 is showing a particular search term as the top search in both searches with results as both searches without result.

It has increased significantly since June 1st and is the top search term for every week, since then. This trend is seen in all 7 language forums (seperate instances)

I wonder how I can dig in to this more. I have always been told that the metrics shown are true user searches only. Users as in Human beings I always assumed. 
I have asked this question before and even logged a ticket with support and to this date I am still not 100% that these are indeed only true user searches.

If I look at this scenario, it's more plausible that someone has subscribed to this particular search and that this is somehow counted towards the result...that..or something else. I am not able to dig that deep as the metric is just a metric and can't really drill in to this search term specifically and trend it out..nor look at the referer.


Does anyone know what exactly is included in the metric and if indeed, besides user searches, something else may be adding to this metric/number.



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Hi Wendy,


Could it be that the content is only available in a restricted area? E.g. for members that have a certain role? That could result in anonymous visitors not yielding any results while members successfully search. 🕵

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Sorry @ClaudiusH

My question is not around why I see searches without results. I understand indeed why that may be.

My question is specifically around the definition of the metric specifically as to what is or what is not included in the number.

I would like to understand if there is any known factor which is not a user, that can increase the number of a search term.

For example, term "XYZ" became a top search since June1st. It has never appeared in the report before. It is number 1 for every week since June 1st. The numbers are high. More than 500 per week, 


How to interpret the data? Are these 500 users who searched for term XYZ? Is this a subscription that occured 500 times that week (who does a subscription to a search term work anyway?) Can this be a crawler (As there is some wiggle room according to the definition below)

Can it be an extract of the search term, with 500 results.


I guess, in my mind, it doesn't work to think that this number all of a sudden would represent 500 users searches for the exact same term as of a specific data. But I can't really dig in further behind the data..which is what bugs me. We will look at Omniture but if the search is driven from within the forum I am afraid I won't much there (at least I can exclude some things)


Happy Monday! 🙂




The total number of search terms or phrases entered by users that returned search results; sorted by the number of times all users have entered those terms. This number includes all types of searches (community, category, board, TKB, and user).

This metric approximates user behavior and therefore excludes almost all nonhuman requests (Web crawlers, robots, RSS feeds, REST API calls).
This metric also excludes related search behavior like filtering results, paging through search results, “instant” search, and autocomplete.

Note: It is possible for users to apply enough filters to a search to have a “valid” search term return no results. As such, you might see terms appear in both the Search with Results and Search without Results lists.

Learning from others and helping where I can!
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