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LSI and Back End



Does LSI take into account the views in the back end? For example, when I go on admin/users and create a role, are these visited pages counted in LSI




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@jacques_ca - I believe it won't, it only count the front pages e.g community, ForumPage, etc

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@jacques_ca -  No, the advanced Metrics (under Admin Metrics) will always show the bot and crawler traffic, and it is the intended purpose here. If you wish to see data without bot traffic, in such conditions Lithium recommends using LSI. 


Here is the documentation from Lithium on LSI and Admin Metrics:


The Metrics definitions are pretty much self-explanatory. What you see as 'Page Views' in LSI, is the same as 'Admin Page Views' (under Web Traffic) in Admin Metrics. The Admin Page Views just includes bot/crawler traffic which is the only thing that makes it different from LSI.


In this article, the attached PDF defines every Admin Metric. However, in LSI, each metric has an associated tooltip in the UI that defines what it is, so you can look there. The articles also provide the context for understanding some of the big-theme differences between how Lithium calculates specific metrics vs others but doesn't have a detailed list of all metrics vs. all other analytics tools. 


I hope this helps.


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@VarunGrazitti@TariqHussainThanks for answering my question and for providing extra info.

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