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LSI "Unexpected error has occurred" message

Went to the content area in LSI and saw "An Unexpected Error has occurred".  Anyone else encountered this?

Looked on the Li status page and see that there's an issue with "SMM and Lithium Community Integration", but we are not using SMM.

Under content areas (forums, groups, ideas), all content is shown as "Unknown".

Is this happening to anyone else?

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 12.19.29 PM.png

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Khoros Expert

Hi @lana_lee,

I was able to reproduce this issue on your instance of LSI. I reported this to our engineering team to investigate further. If you'd like to track the issue feel free to submit a support case and reference our internal ticket number: BATAPPS-5852. I'll post an update here as well once we have more information.


Chad B.
Principal Support Engineer - Community

I am about to open a ticket as well for the same issue. I noticed it last week but it remains today. Postign here so @lana_lee knows it isn't an isolated issue. 

Thanks @CyJervis !  Glad to know it's not only me.

I hope it gets resolved soon. I'm holding a community contest and was hoping to access the content > members area to reach out to members 1:1 and encourage them to enter.

All issues are unique but I ran into this twice in the last six weeks. 

While it was being investigated I created another user account and was able to use the Switch user option to get into that account and access LSI.

Each time I encountered this problem it was specific to the user account so using another user let me get my data within LSI. 

Give this a try @lana_lee in case it helps 🙂 


Thanks for the suggestion!  I tried it with a few other admin accounts and get the same error 😪  *phooey*

I'm seeing Unknown as the board names and numbers for member usernames within the Content section of LSI reporting.  Do we think this is linked to the Unknown Error in the overall Content stats?


image (11).png


image (12).png


Looks like LSI is having some issues - I'm hitting the same problem as @lana_lee potentially

  • LSI > Content = An Unexpected Error has occurred
  • LSI > Content > Forums = All boards are shown as Unknown
  • LSI > Content > Forums > Members = All members are shown as IDs only with no link to access their profile.

Nothing listing on either so I'd submit a ticket if you haven't already so support is aware. My ticket is 195893

My LSI is doing the same things as @jamiemccardle and @lana_lee have pictured.  Subscribed to see what resolution is.

For awareness this problem was added to the status page yesterday evening

Sending good vibes that it'll get sorted out soon...

Thanks for the update, @tyw !

As of today, LSI is working normal for me. 

Looking good from my end as well...yay!

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