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LSW vs. Lithium SalesForce Connector


I haved used LSW before.  My current company is looking at bringing on the Lithium SalesForce Connector for forum workflow.  Has anyone used both and can you describe the pros/cons? 

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I've used both extensively and although the latest version of the connector is much improved its still not good enough to replace LSW.

That said i would caveat the above with the fact that of your going to be pushing low volume into sfdc or using it as a vip/ escalation route into your cry it may worth for us however LSW can also hook into Sfdc which may also tick your boxeds.

What are you looking for out of both solutions, is having a scaleable workflow to deal with volume important or is have a hook with CRM? Also how many users do you think you would need to use LSW.

Would be easy to give more detail knowing the above and I would go with LSW all day long but if you have committed to sfdc as your CRM and everyone in the business already has access then the sfdc connector may make more commercial sence but the overheads of using the case object for an interaction is too long winded in my opinion.

Also one last question, what do you do with social, is this coming into sfdc now?


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