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Labels Component on Category Pages

Hello Lithosphere,

We would like to have a Labels component on our category pages, to display the labels used on all boards within that category, which can be clicked to filter content from those boards with that label.


This Li Doc states that labels are board specific:

Has anyone figured out a way to get the Labels component to work in the context of a Category?

Have there been any updates to this functionality, or are there any workarounds to achieve this?

Thank you,


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@jeremylatimer - Unfortunately, labels component works under board page context.   Also, by default lithium doesn't show threads on the category page, if you have created a custom component to show thread on the category page, you have to create a custom component for labels as well. 

Below is the approach you can achieve this. 

1. Get the boards list for current category using LITHIUM API. 

2.  Get predefined labels for each board and store in an array. 

3. Loop through labels array and use below query to get the count of threads against each label. 

SELECT count(*) messages where labels.text = 'label name' AND = '${}'


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I can't find it, but I swear that Lithium has this under development and even in beta for customers that want to try it out -- I may be completely imagining this though as I can't find the source post I read this in.

Thanks Tariq,

This method just might work for us. Definitely a good idea to look into.

Thank you,


Thanks Stan, good to know, that would be great if that's the case.


Hi Stan,

I entered a Li Support Case to ask about any feature developments related to this, and the closest thing they found was related to Category Subscriptions:




@jeremylatimer - Ah, good call - That explains why I couldn't find it 😄

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Isn't it 

SELECT count(*) FROM messages 

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