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Labels and site search

Hello everyone,

My community recently migrated to Lithium from Jive, so I am still new to the intricacies of the Lithium platform. I am struggling to find an answer to this question posed by one of our tech support engineers: "A quick question around advance search , within a specific forum say “Community -> [Category Name] -> [Board name]” if I navigate to topics with particular label say “Community -> [Category Name] -> [Board name] -> Topics with Label: Customization”  and start searching, it by default starts searching in entire board. What is the best way to do an advance search and filter by specific Label?"


Per the documentation on labels, it seems like labels are not taken into account in the site search. You cannot search on a label, nor can you filter any search results based on a label. Is my understanding of this correct? If so, why? (Most importantly why, since I can't seem to find an explanation for it.)


Thanks for any insight, 



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@Inactive User

Advance search works on the bases of labels also.  Can you please share that label documentation.

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@VikasB How? Can you please elaborate? Filtering by labels is not presented as an option in advanced search. Is there a setting that I am missing? 

@Inactive User

Apologies, we are using the custom search approach.
This thread can be helpful for you
or reference, you can check lithium community search here also (Label working)
But unfortunately, there is no option displayed for label filtering so I would suggest you raise a ticket to support so not sure but might be they need to enable it. 

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