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Lag issues?

Hey guys- Reaching out to see if anyone else has had any lag issues on Khoros? For the past month give or take we've had serious lag time issues. We make changes in production or staging and sometimes we go HOURS not seeing our changes. 

Anyone else? What was the issue? What was the fix? I'm kind of desperate at this point as this is holding me back from getting work done. 


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Hah. I’ve yet to know what is causing it but we had to escalate a couple tickets for this exact issue if I am understanding you right. 

edit a quilt in stage - Hit save - nothing happens. Yet 30 minutes later the changes I saved all of the sudden are there.

Similarly we would update custom content which is normally instant. It wasn’t. We would save. Refresh. Nothing changed. Wait 10 minutes and all of the sudden it’s there.

TLDR - Escalate your ticket until someone fixes it. 

Yes- there is some lagging on production for us. 

Specific example: Auto-save drafts. We have it set in admin panel to be 30 seconds - drafts don't appear for quite some time. 

another example: We have lagging with loading/creation of events  - often times if we create multiple new events "too quickly" on our community we end up getting one event duplicated multiple times instead of the several we actually created (what we had entered). Usually have to wait about a minute or so in between uploading events to avoid this glitch from occurring.


@StanGromer @brittanycarmona  thanks for the input. I'm glad to hear we aren't alone, but man... this blows. I made some minor changes in staging- uploaded some new header images and icons, then made a permission change- and it took probably 2+ hours (if not more) to update.

The Lag is real. 

We have a support ticket open but i wanted to understand if anyone else resolved this- it's not a VPN issue or too many events.. just trying to figure out if there is anything else i'm missing?

Thanks guys!



I just stumbled upon this topic and coincidentally noticed I'm seeing this same issue today while editing page layout in Studio. It was only a few minutes but caused some panic as I thought I was editing the wrong page type.

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