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Last reply issue when clicking on notifications


I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue. If users are receiving multiple replies this is mentioned in the notification feed by something like "[User X and 5 more have answered to [thread title]". 

If the user now clicks on this notification he will be led to the very last reply. But they would like to see the last unread reply. In my opinion that makes sense too.  

Is that a bug or a feature?


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Yeah I can see same behaviour. Should work as you mentioned.


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Renew the quote feature


Thank you @TeroRe for your confirmation. Now, I would like to hear what Khoros is thinking about this and if it's possible to change this behaviour. 🙂


@CKummerand @TeroRe . Don't know what Khoros will add to this.

But if they just include (/td-p/[message_id]/jump-to/first-unread-message) after the message id, will help users to get them first-unread-message from notifications.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

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