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Latest Topics Component Behavior

Hi, I had a couple of questions about the latest topics component and its behavior with regards to the event manager.

First, does the component only pull in new Topics or does it also pull in a topic when there is a new reply to an old topic.

Second, does a comment on an event in event manager behave the same way as a reply to a topic. (What we would like to have happen is when we post a comment on a past event it will show up in Latest Topics but this does not seem to be the case. Is this working as intended?)

Thanks for your help.

Andrew Kenefick
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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@Akenefick There are 3 components. 

  • Latest Topics: displays only new topics/ events and not the comments.
  • Latest Posts: displays both new topics/ events  as well as the comments on existing topics/ events.
  • Latest Comments: displays only new comments and not new topics/ events.

This will apply to events that have ended as well. Same components can be used for other discussion styles such as TKB, Blogs. 

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