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Limit LSW account admin permissions

When adding a user in LSW, you can grant the "Account Admin" role. It includes access to all account admin functions.


In my org, we're finding a use case for sharing out limited admin capabilities. For example, a user may want to be able to edit tags, but they don't need access to work queues, priorities, or general settings.


It'd minimize some issues to be able to grant limited account admin access. For one, under "General Settings" it takes one mouse click to delete a "close a conversation as" option (there's no delete confirmation prompt).


Maybe I'm missing the feature(?)

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At the moment you either have the admin role or you don't and there isn't any middle ground or semi-admin role to do what you need. I would suggest you raise this as an idea on the ideas exchange as I can see others who would have a use case to apply light admin rights to some users. 


Im not sure how this would impact the pricing either as admin seats are charagble so I guess even a light admin would still cost more than a normal agent seat. 


I,d kudos this idea if you do raise it as I could see myself using this if we had such a feature. 




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Hi Fellsteruk,


I've posted in the suggestions board (and a mod kindly moved it to the product suggestions board):




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