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Limitation of csv export from search

I was super excited that I could get tags and labels reported out. However, when I synthesized the forum data that have custom tags and labels used by customers, I noticed that it seemed to only report out 20k data at the most. For example, in one of my boards, the search shows 50k results but the csv exported contains only 20k rows. Is this a limitation? How do I work around this?
Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 5.52.18 PM.png
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Sorry, I don't have an answer but good to know this problem exists.  We are interested in more reporting on labels.  I am interested in the answer you get from the Khoros team. 

Hi @mhock,

At the moment, I cannot be sure if this is a limitation on the Khoros platform. My company mentioned that they can get this via bulk API's and they're still exploring.


Hi @wonejiv127 ,


Nope, still not able to resolve this. If you have a custom date field, you maybe able to get around this, for example, export the data based on smaller range, I don't have a custom date field, but I think this should work. 


While I can't say it isn't something with our Communities, I find it odd that we also get truncated to 20,000 results if it isn't a Khoros limitation.

image (428).png




Me too, 20K seems to be a Khoros limitation. 
May be this can be increased by support case? 🤔

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