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Limited access to documents for selected members

We are having many events for our customers this year. They are paying to attend theese events and we want them to have the documentation in a digital format afterwards. The challenge is that we have a closed Community and around 2000 members but only 150 will attend the event and it is only theese who shouldhave access to the documentation because they have paid for it. This will happen in many cases, next event is where we have 4000 members and 250 will attend and pay for the documentation. What is the best way to handle this in the Community, can we use groups for this or any other feature?


Looking forward to hear your creative solutions


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Closed group will be the better option here. Only the members who have joined the group can access the files. Here is a documentation


The second option you can have is to create a private board for this and give access to only those users who have attended the event. But for this you need to know the usernames and need to give a role to each memeber.


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