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Links - Changing default experience from _self to _blank | Bug, or by design?

By default the community platform will use _self links, aka, open in the current page. 

There is a second option which uses _blank so links open in a new page, and if you contact support they can make this the default. 

The screen below is from Atlas here where this change has not been made. 



We had support make this change in 2019, but only recently noticed a quirk but to be 100% I need to find a community that has this enabled as well. If you had this enabled in your community and don't mind do a test I'd be grateful. 

For those who had support change the default link opening experience.... 

  1. Enter, and copy it so your clipboard contains the URL
  2. Compose a new post 
  3. Enter 'test' in the post body 
  4. Double click the word 'test'
  5. Paste (CTRL+V, or CMD+V)

After doing this, check the HTML - did it create the link using the _self option which opens in the current page?

If so, the default experience is not what the users expect since if they clicked the Link button, instead of pasting, the link would be added using _blank

My Q to Khoros... is this a bug?

When you make the change to set Open in new page as the default, the ordering of the UI still shows open in current page first so I'm wondering, is the act of 'pasting' a URL defaulting to the _self option since its the first menu item listed? Would getting this flipped in the platform address this issue? 

TLDR: The Khoros support change to make links open in new tabs by default only applies if are using the Link button itself. Pasting links doesn't respect this change as far as I can tell 

Note: I am sourcing feedback before opening a support ticket unless Khoros wants to chime in on this topic 😄 

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Ticket 381599 has been opened requesting clarification - is this a bug, or by design?


@tyw  schrieb:

Pasting links doesn't respect this change as far as I can tell 

This is exactly why we have not changed the default, as many users post their URLs directly (without Link button).

The best way would be a stetting to open all internal URLs and maybe a whitelist of certain URLs in the current tab / window (_self) and all other in a new tab/window (_blank) automatically.

@Pfeffer  schrieb:

you want people to stay on your web page

Yes, but if the link has an external target, opening it in the current tab, will mean loosing the user 🤔

Therefore please read my post above yours: internal vs. external URLs.

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