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List of all Default OOB component and Quilt

Hi All,

Is there any documentation available where I can see all default OOB components and Default Quilts of community. 

Thanks in advance.

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Strange, How difficult was my question to answer?


There is no such document to get overall OOTB component's information. But you can get OOTB component on a page basis. You need to choose the page in page tab under studio to get the OOTB components for that specific page. 
See here

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Here's a related product idea requesting that this information is made available:


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Here's the link:


Correction: This list is specific to this Community (Atlas)!

Hi @GB_Gianni - I think the list you reference is specific to what is showing up here on this community (Atlas), not generally for Khoros overall. Just FYI!

True! Thanks @CarolineS for the feedback! 🙏

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