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Lithium Data

I am wondering what LSI report people are using that is most reflective to identify those Community members that are most active/top contributors? 

Our customer marketing  team is looking to identify potential customer community members that would be interested in speaking engagements. We'd like to reach out to our Community members that are most active/top contributors (be it in the discussion forums or IDX) and I need to know what report most accurately would paint this picture for us.


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There's a "Superusers" repot in LSI, under Members > Top Members. This shows the 10 (or 25, if you download the CSV) top users. Details from the tooltip:

Members who produce at least 50% of the total content on your community over the last 60 days, ranked based on the average number of daily posts over the last 60 days. 

But - we never use this report :-). Instead, I pull member lists from the Content section (Content > All Categories > Members (or you can select a particular category or a particular content type). I export CSVs based on number of topics/replies or kudos or visits, depending on what I'm looking for. This is a better option for us because it's more customizable - you can select the time frame and the specific data you care about. 

Specifically, to identify our superusers, I pull a list based on visits (to make sure I get everyone), then in Excel I add up the Topics, Replies (from the "All categories" report), and Comments (from the "Blogs" report) to determine the top contributors. (feature request: a single export that shows ALL of someone's contributions under a "Total Posts" column; it's a pain to combine multiple reports!)

Hope this helps!

I am wondering if there is a way to exclude a user group from this report (ie. Seismic members). The top 10 contributors are from our own company. I only want to review the user group 'Customer Members'. 


Thanks @CarolineS

Yes, you can filter in the LSI UI on the reports under Content (but not the Top Members report). On the content reports, just click the "Add a filter" link. Screenshot below of how to EXCLUDE employees, if you had a role called "Employee". You can also choose to INCLUDE specific roles.


I typically don't actually use the LSI filters though - I tend to do my filtering in Excel, so that I have all the data in my sheet for different kinds of analysis. Just a personal preference (or maybe I just tend to forget that the LSI filters exist :))



Super helpful @CarolineS Thank you for such a detailed response!

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