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Hi Team, 


Does predictive text work on mobile view as it does on desktop view? It is not appearing in our community. 



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@DL - No, in fact there are many other features which do not work in the mobile version. Here is a list for the same.

I hope this helps.

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@VarunGrazitti Thanks, really appreciate it. 

Good question, @DL! Which community site are you referring to? 


The link that @VarunGrazitti posted is referencing Mobile V2, a product that we are not activating on customer sites any more. 


That said, there are two possibilities of what you might be seeing depending on what you have activated. I am going to assume the 'predictive text' you are referring to is in one of your community search boxes.


If you are looking at our original mobile offering (this needs to be configured) you will not see suggestions from the community as you type. You would know if it is turned on because the experience is drastically different from desktop.


If mobile is not configured, you will see the desktop version of the site, and the search suggestions will still show up even though you are on a mobile device.


thanks @JakeRo, yes i was referring to predictive text for search on our community that we have configured and optimized for the mobile experience. Is there any way this can be switched on for mobiles? Also are moderation functions such as move/edit etc posts available on mobiles?

You could also wait for the responsive skin that was announced at LiNC 15, that should solve many such issues.

Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

Recent Ideas: Advanced Private Messages | Rewarding Module | Badges for Threads

If you have our mobile experience turned on (the community looks completely different when you access from mobile) you will not be able to see predictive text or be able to move/edit posts. Those features aren't supported in that mobile version.


That said, we will be rolling out our responsive skin in a few months that we announced at LiNC in June. Rather than being a separate site, this is a skin that layers on top of your desktop site. That means you will have access to all of the features you are used to, incuding predictave text and admin actions such as move and edit (as well as a lot more!).


For more details about how you can learn about the Responsive Skin or get on an early beta, reach out to your Lithium Community Representative.

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