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Lithium considers latest reply for TAR instead of first response

when customer sent us a message on Friday we replied on Friday then and there within a few minutes.  Then we sent a followup on Monday, so here lithium is counting minutes from customers’ message until our second response instead of first.  

We have Several such cases where TAR shows 2 days when the reply to customer was sent on time within a few minutes.  So basically, when we followup with the customer and send replies to customer on top of our previous replies without snoozing, it impacts the TAR.  Any Suggestions please?

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I will have to get our analyst to check but I have not seen any instances where TAR was calculated for subsequent replies unless the customer has posted again in the meantime.

Have you supplied examples to Support?

Hi Yes, thank you. I have uploaded a few cases and screen shots of this. The issue is reproduceable, you can test it on some test cases as well. Lithium is taking the last reply for TAR instead of first.

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