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Lithium generic training/help/tips/resources docs for our members?

Hello Community, 

I am trying to locate training resources for Lithium (Khoros) platform- Help documentation that can be repurposed for our members. 

So we are planning to migrate from Jive and of course all of the help, tips etc that we generated will be obsolete. Was hoping that there are generic docs or tips somewhere that I would be able to scrub and update for our members instead of me needing to start from scratch. 

Thank you for your assistance!


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@sleslie2017 - They do have some campus training programs available here (you might need to get the access, mail support if the link is not accessible) such as Administration, Lithium Community, Ideas, TKB, development etc., however, you need to see if they are the ones you are looking for or if you need something else.


I hope this helps.

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In addition to what @VarunGrazitti  suggests, if you're looking for help for your users, they can use the HELP section which is quite comprehensive.    Here in the Khoros communtity you access it by clicking on your avatar:

2019-03-25 05_54_19-Lithium generic training_help_tips_resources docs ... - Khoros Community.jpg

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